Brought back to life and healed

By Eugenie Edwards

You are probably all wondering why I’m standing here this morning…….I sometimes ask myself why I have taken so long to do this, but I couldn’t wait any longer, because ±5 years ago I made a promise to the Lord and He has kept His side of the promise and now it’s time for me to keep mine……..

For those of you who don’t know, on the 5 June 2006, I was in a serious motor car accident and nearly died – well some doctors and nurses say I was dead - and it is only a miracle that I am still alive and well today. If you look at me now, one can hardly believe that, what I have just told you, really happened to me, and I can tell you now, without any doubt, that I would not have been here today if it was not for the dear Lord that took me into His loving arms and helped and healed me and is still healing me every day.

I quickly want to tell you what my injuries were so that you can understand why I am here today.

My injuries were mainly head injuries, a fractured brain stem and I also had a broken leg which had to be repaired by placing plates and screws in. The plates and screws have in the meantime been removed, so at least I can get onto a plane without the alarms going off……….

As a result of my head injuries, my left eye was totally squint and I had double vision. I could not drive or read or do anything which involved having to use my eyes a lot and I had to wear glasses and a patch for several months to help with the double vision. After long discussions with the eye specialists, they decided to operate and insert botox into my eye, to try and straighten my squint eye.

To be honest with you, none of them had any hope that the operation would be a success and one of the specialists went so far as to say that my eye sight would never come right again and I would have to live with my problem. To make things worse, my medical aid did not want to pay for the operation because it was seen as “cosmetic”.

I prayed long and hard about whether or not to go ahead with the operation, because it was going to be costly and for which my husband, Gray, was going to pay if the medical aid didn't.  Although it was my eyesight and my husband was prepared to pay for it, I pondered whether there was any point in going ahead if it was not going to be successful. I prayed about it again and asked the Lord that, if it was going to be a success, to let the medical aid pay for it; but if it was not going to be a success, I didn't want my poor husband to pay for it……Within a day my prayers were answered. The medical aid phoned me back and told me that they had changed their minds and would pay for the operation. There and then I decided that, no matter what the specialists say, this operation was going to be a success. Why else would everything fall into place if it wasn’t going to be?

Today I can stand here and say that the specialists were all speechless because within a week after the operation my eye started moving back into its original place. And I can honestly tell you that it’s a lot better seeing only one Gray than seeing two of him….

The reason why I am standing here is because of my next injury……….

As a result of my head injuries I suffered from what they termed post traumatic virtigo. It’s where everything just turns and spins the whole time. The only time it stopped was when I was lying down or sitting or holding onto something or someone. It’s a terrible feeling………and to make it worse was that no-one could see or feel it besides me.

Everyone thought and said to me the whole time “Oh Eugenie, you look so well!”, but if only they knew that I felt like I was going to pass out…Anyway, I think I eventually got use to feeling that way and I never really complained about it, because I am so thankful that I am still alive and things could have been so much worse and what’s the use of moaning about something you cannot do anything about anyway…... The only person who really knew what I was going through was Gray. I can remember some mornings holding onto the counter in my kitchen and just standing there waiting for everything to stop spinning. The spinning never really stopped, but some days were worse than others. I eventually went for a MRI scan, because I thought that maybe the neurosurgeon overlooked something, but he told me that he thought that it might happen and it could take up to 7 years or longer to come right.

That’s when I decided to make this promise to the Lord. I told Him that it’s not going to take 7 years – He will heal me before the 7 years are up – and when He does it, I will tell everyone about it and what He has done for me.

Well, it has been 5 years already, and I can honestly tell you that I am feeling so much better………I only feel dizzy when I rush around, which is 98% of my day, and is probably self-inflicted, cause I rush around fetching and carting kids, going here, there and everywhere, so if you see me running around town and it looks like I’ve lost my marbles, please tell me to slow down…..

I am so thankful and grateful for what the Lord has done for me, I will never be able to thank Him enough – THANK YOU!

The most important message I want to leave with you today is to tell you that I saw the Lord that terrible day of the accident and I will never ever forget it!!!!! Yes, for all of you who have ever doubted or not believed – THERE IS A LORD – I SAW HIM AND I SPOKE TO HIM!!! I even saw Antoinette, the lady who died in the accident….we were both sitting on, what I think was a cloud, because everything was white and misty around us and Antoinette was laughing, as she always was. I can even remember the clothes she was wearing…..She just carried on…….and then I saw Him….I remember trying to look at His face, but He kept on turning His face away from me. I could just see His profile and He had long brown hair that came to His shoulders and He was wearing a long, blue robe. I started speaking to Him and told Him that I was very worried about my husband and I have two small children and I don’t know whether  they will cope without me….He then told me that He was going to send me back. I remember arguing with Him and telling Him that I wanted to stay with Him. All I remember were the words “Eugenie, I’m going to send you back!”

I also remember lying in hospital, after regaining consciousness, and seeing this vision of the Lord all the time. I thought nothing of it at the time and did not tell anyone about it, because I thought I was just imagining it, but then a friend of our family came to visit me in the hospital one day. She asked me how I was and we chatted for a while. She then asked me to tell her about my vision. I was very surprised and asked her how she knew about my vision, because I’ve never told anyone about it yet? She then told me that the Lord told her in a dream that she had to come and ask me what I saw….it makes you think, doesn’t it…..

Anyway, here I am today…..maybe there was a reason for me not to see His face….who knows….all I know is that He gave me another chance in life and I know that this is the reason why He has healed me so well and that it is so hard to believe that I was nearly dead. I think He wanted me to be an example to others that He can heal those who believe in Him.

The accident was a terrible thing to have gone through and I do not wish it upon my worst enemy (hopefully I haven’t got any), but I know that all things happen for a reason and this has brought me closer to my Father and he has become my best friend. I always find myself talking to him. It is so much easier now……