Man Comes Back From Dead as Son Yells, ‘Dad, You’re Not Going to Die Today’

ByShawn A. Akers originally published in Charisma News 23 August 2013 

Heart monitoringWhen Anthony Yahle returns to work Monday, what a story of God’s glory he will have to tell around the water cooler.

Nearly three weeks ago, doctors were ready to pronounce the 37-year-old Ohio diesel mechanic dead from heart failure. That’s when Yahle’s 17-year-old son, Lawrence, ran down the hall of Kettering Medical Center, pointed to his father with nurses around him and said, “Dad, you’re not going to die today.”

When the cardiac monitor started beeping again, Lawrence Yahle knew prayer by family, friends and church members had produced a miracle.

Dr. Raja Nazir, a cardiologist at Kettering Medical Center, told that Anthony Yahle had “coded” for 45 minutes with doctors attempting to revive him. Yahle’s heart, however, was not responding.

“We look at each other. We’d given him all the medicine we had in our code cart,” Nazir said. “At some point, you have to call it off.”

That’s when Lawrence Yahle made his proclamation.

“Suddenly, that trickle of a thing came back. We were lucky we saw and reacted to it,” Nazir said.

At 4 a.m. that day, Yahle’s wife, Melissa, a nurse, had tried unsuccessfully to wake Yahle up when his breathing didn’t sound right. Melissa and Lawrence Yahle performed CPR and waited for an ambulance to arrive.

After shocking Yahle several times, EMTs found a heartbeat. Later that afternoon at the hospital, Yahle’s heart simply stopped.

After the miracle happened, doctors thought Anthony Yahle would require a heart transplant or perhaps remain in a vegetative state. But after being transferred to Ohio State University, doctors inserted a defibrillator in Yahle’s chest. He’s home resting and is ready to go back to his job.

“He doesn’t have one broken rib. He’s not sore,” Melssia Yale told “These are things that just clinically don’t happen.”