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Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ

As indicated on the home page of this website, this site is dedicated to the Glory of God and is intended to be a community forum for all who seek to further this goal to make their contribution.  There are so many testimonies "out there" of God's incredible love in the work that He does in countless lives.  Although no one can predict the hour of Jesus' return  (Matthew 24:36), it is clear that time is short and Jesus' call to make the Gospel known to all people grows more urgent by the day. And just as Jesus performed many miracles whilst on the earth so that people "may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing (they) may have life in his name" (John 20:31), so too Jesus is performing miracles today on a daily basis.

Please post your testimony, story, opinion or other contribution by completing the form below or by emailing it to me at email address.  Please include pictures (not exceeding 500 kb) of yourself, the author of the contribution, and any other pictures that illustrate or contribute to the text.

You can use the form below to submit your article and pictures and also to indicate whether you are happy to publish the article in your own name or whether you wish to remain anonymous. Your choice will be unequivocally respected.

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May the Lord bless you abundantly and thank you in anticipation of your contribution.


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